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Barry Langdon

I am a web developer from Newfoundland, Canada
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My name is Barry Langdon, and I am web developer from Newfoundland, Canada. I have 10 PLUS years experience in PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS.

My services

I specialize in programming membership based sites with primary expertise being in the traffic exchange and list builder industry.

I have a wide selection of pre-built mods for the LFMTE traffic exchange script and can do custom programming as well.

I am also available to fix PHP and SQL bugs that may be plaguing your site and stopping it from running the way it should!

Scripts / Mods

Below are just a few of my scripts. For a more complete list, detailed descriptions, screenshots and to purchase scripts please register an account, it is after all, free to register an account. You will find LFMTE mods, LFMVM Mods and stand alone php scripts. By registering, you can easily purchase scripts, manage your purchased scripts, request updates and more!

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Other Services

In addition to my mods for the LFMTE, LFMVM and other scripts, I also provide many other services as well. Take a look at some of the services I offer.

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Please feel free to contact me ...

Need some help with a new website or looking for help to improve the one you have?

Please feel free to open a support ticket via the link below.


... or my preferred method of contact, Skype: barrylangdon1

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